The Legend Returns

The VsNYYC Ti-Walker is considered one of the best – if not the best – yo-yos ever made.

Released in February 2011, it was a design far ahead of its time. But only 89 were ever made.

For most people the idea of getting a Ti-Walker was, and is, an unobtainable dream.

… until today.

Precision machined

We 3D scanned a Ti-Walker to create a perfect replica, millimeter for millimeter, gram for gram. We updated it with a modern response gap and standard silicone pads. Our friends at FPM used their state of the art Titanium machining and anodization treatments to take us on a trip to ... the dark side.

How true to the original is the Ti-Vayder? Just ask Heath Vizier, the creator, who says “... plays virtually exactly like an end of the decade modern Ti Walker.”

500 engraved units, one time only

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a legendary titanium yo-yo. To take advantage of economies of scale and keep the price affordable, we made the drop massive — 500 units. 

This is a one time run. When they're gone ... they're gone.

Custom strings included

Every Vayder includes three custom YoYoStringLab strings in special lightsaber formulations. Choose your force alignment wisely.

Supporting yo-yo clubs

The primary purpose of this run is to get a legendary titanium yo-yo in the hands of as many players as possible. But we also want to create more yo-yoers, not just more yo-yos. That's why any profit from this one time run will be donated to the YoYoExpert Club Grant program, administered by André Boulay, which helps create new yo-yoers all over the world.